During our last dialogue with “L’Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS”, the demand for the availability of spare parts for Citroën and DS vehicle collectors again was put on the agenda.

As you all know, we have the unique opportunity to aggregate the national and international demand for the reproduction of spare parts for Citroën vehicles – with the special focus on those parts which are not available any longer or only in too low volumes on the market, eg. which are typically rather niche products.

L’Aventure has offered to all clubs to engage in this market and try to solve the potential bottlenecks.

Via the ACI Delegates, all club can submit their demand for spare parts for all models which are outside of the availability at dealers (this means typically vehicles which are of age 20 years and older).

We thus kindly ask all clubs worldwide to approach their national ACI Delegates to submit their potential demand towards us.

At the ACI Board, we have appointed our Board member Manfred Buchgeher to handle all spare part demands and act as an interface between L’Aventure and the ACI/clubs.
Manfred can be reached directly by email to “spareparts (at) amicale-citroen-internationale.org”

We have jointly agreed on a format: Spare Part Request Template (XLS, 50kB).
We kindly ask the Citroën and DS clubs to submit their demand via this template towards their national Delegate.

Attention: The deadline for the feedback by the ACI Delegates is 15-September-2016!

Thank you!

NB: for DS Automobiles clubs (which are related to the “new DS” models) this approach is not applicable since these models are subject to support by the dealership of DS Automobiles today.