ACI Delegates at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Annual General Meeting (AGM)
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is executed at least once a year. Each time it is either called by the Board or at the requests of at least 1/4th of the ACI Delegates.

The AGM includes all of the Active Members (=ACI Delegates, Honorary Members, Board Members, Ambassadors, optionally other participants). When it comes to decision taking, only the Delegates of Active Members have voting rights at the General Meeting. Each Delegate has one vote.

Traditionally, the AGM takes place during Retromobile, the historic vehicle exhibition in Paris.

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Next Upcoming AGM
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Date: Saturday, 3-Feb-2024
Time: t.b.d.
Venue: digital / virtual, t.b.d.

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Previous AGM’s
Minutes of Meetings from Annual General Meetings:

– AGM 2022: held on 06-August-2022 (virtual) Minutes of Meeting (PDF)

– AGM 2021: not held due to the pandemic

– AGM 2020: intended to be held at ICCCR 2020 Torún – not held due to the pandemic resp. the postponement of the ICCCR.

– AGM 2019: held on 19-July-2019 at the occasion of the Citroën Centenary Celebration. Minutes of Meeting (PDF)

– AGM 2018: held on 10-Feb-2018. Minutes of Meeting (PDF)

– AGM 2017: held on 11-Feb-2017. Minutes of Meeting (PDF)