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ACI Logo - please respect the clearspace demands: thank you.
ACI Logo
We have provided several downloadable ACI logos for you which you may use on your website, your club newspaper and other publications.

Web safe colors are:
red: #ee1133, grey: #cccccc, black: #000000.

Please note that the style guide includes a “clear space” / “protection zone” around the logo which should be not filled with any other content.

Thus, you can fetch two versions below – one being the “pure” logo, no protection zone, the other one with a white protection zone around so you always stay safe.

Right-click and “File… Save As” one of the following links resp. sources:

Size 150×150 pixel, web safe:
without clear space (.gif, 8kB)
with clear space (.gif, 5kB)

Size 300×300 pixel, web safe:
without clear space (.gif, 15kB)
with clear space (.gif, 10kB)

Large sizes, web safe:
without clear space, 1000×1000 pixel (.gif, 54kB)
with clear space, 2038×2038 pixel (.gif, 41kB)

Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) Format, compressed ZIP file:

without clear space (.zip, ca. 350kB)
with clear space (.zip, ca. 350kB)

We kindly ask you to let us know where you referenced us – please drop us an email. Thank you!

ACI Brochure
ACI Brochure
Intended for press and media and those who never heard about the ACI, this document gives a quick overview about the ACI.

You’ll find information about the its functions and purpose, the partnerships with clubs and with the brands Automobiles Citroen, DS Automobiles and L’Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS, the heritage organization of the PSA Group.

Last but not least, it also features a nice selection of photographs of vintage and modern Citroën and DS vehicles.

Preview it here:

ACI Country Map
ACI Country Map
The current visualization of those countries where the ACI is represented.

This map is subject to regular updates, so please stay tuned for new releases and visit this download area again.

You can get this map in two versions:

– Bitmap file, for use in digital media (website etc.) – click here .

– vectorized (EPS/AI format), for use in print media (please contact us).

ACI Poster
ACI Poster
The ACI Poster is available as DIN A0 landscape format. It shall be used on fairs, exhibitions and events where a small-scale visual presence is useful.

Available formats:

– vectorized, for use in print media

Please contact us for more details.

ACI Poster
Citroën Logo History
Over all the years, from 1919 until today, Citroën has made several adaptations to their logo.

Available formats:

bitmap version

PDF version