It is just a few months when the International Citroën Car Clubs Rally (ICCCR) 2024 will take place in one of the most beautiful cities of Poland, in Torún. The Delegates of Amicale Citroën Internationale (ACI) have given this event a special status: it is the “ACI Event Of The Year 2024”.

This means now is the time to sign up, register and prepare yourself for the visit of the world gathering of all Citroën models which takes place just every 4 years!

The team from the Automobilklub Torúnski has all the experience to prepare and run this event since they had proven it before: they also organized and executed the 2CV World Meeting 2015 in their home town where thousands of 2CV enthusiasts got together to celebrate their global convention.

So here’s the link, language change to English in the upper left corner:

The team awaits you!