We are happy to share with you that a joint decision has been taken about the official date and site for the celebration of the 100 years anniversary:

19. – 21. July 2019

will be the date to enjoy the big gathering of all Citroën vehicles. As the site to welcome all participants, the organizers have selected

Michelin – Centre des Technologies, Ladoux (63), France (http://ladoux.michelin.com/)

The site is known to the world of Citroën enthusiasts – 1995 it already hosted the 10th ICCCR (International Citroën Car Clubs Rally) where thousands of Citroën vehicles came together.


About the venue: The proving ground at Ladoux was established 1965 and is located at the Michelin Technology Centre, 10 km north of the Michelin head offices in Clermont-Ferrand (in the centre of France). The site covers 450 ha, and has 20 test tracks, 45 km long in total, for grip tests on wet or dry surfaces, handling tests, noise tests, comfort, etc.

We were informed that the event shall be organized by the French Citroën clubs (represented by Amicale Citroën and DS France) with the support of Automobiles Citroën and L’Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS.

The Amicale Citroën Internationale (ACI) welcomes the decision and together with its ca. 70.000 members looks excitedly forward to meet and celebrate the anniversary. We will update you about latest developments via our website at www.amicale-citroen-internationale.org and via our ACI Delegates towards the clubs.

Save the date – and spread the word!