Thanks to our ACI Board member Dejan Orovic who has taken an initiative to approach the South East European Citroën clubs, a meeting had taken place in May 2016 where club representatives from the Balkan Citroën clubs have met and exchanged their ideas.

We can now warmly welcome more ACI representatives from the European Balkan region:

Petjo Tančev

Branislav Mrkojević

Rep. of Macedonia:
Ljubcho Popovski

Bosnia and Herzegovina:
Adnan Spaho

to our ACI Delegate network.

Dejan also prepares for their presence during our next AGM next year, and supports them in establishing connections to the local Citroën importer.

Our common plan is also the establishment of the Citroën Club in Montenegro. Once the club will be registered, we will be inviting them to the ACI organization – and to the AGM.