Hello ACI Delegates,

two more updates from around the globe have reached us:

  1. We received an invite from China.

    As you know, we have had established some relationships in the past via the company’s own channels.

    In parallel, we had good information exchange via the CVUC (Classic Vehicle Union of China) – we met with representatives already back in 2011 along the German Technoclassica vintage car show and exchanged information between the parties.

    Now the CVUC President, Mr. Guian Zong, has approached us again and invite us (and you / your club members) to join the “Classic Cars Challenge China (4C)”. This event will take place 9-21 October 2016, a rallye along Beijing–Baoding–Jinan–Xuzhou–Nanjing–Suzhou–Hangzhou–Shanghai.

    To quote from their email:

    “…As you know, CVUC is the only ANF in China (Authorité Nationale de FIVA) recognized by Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA). Also, CVUC is the only classic vehicle organization in China, over 90% of the Chinese classic car enthusiasts are the members of CVUC, and over 90% of high-end classic cars events in China are organized by CVUC. Among them, 4C is the event with highest standard and largest scale…

    Until recent, 4C is the only international classic car event in China (has been listed in the official event calendar of FIVA), founded by CVUC and supported by FIVA.

    Since 2011, 4C has been successfully held for 5 editions. It is a touring rally held in national roads of China in every golden autumn, drive across the hinterland from the capital city Beijing to the largest commercial city Shanghai (2000 km approximately).
    It is a great opportunity to have an in-depth understanding of China and Chinese culture; to enjoy the beautiful sceneries along the trip in fall; and to communicate with the classic cars enthusiasts from all over the world…

    Our website for CVUC is classiccarchina.org, the event website is www.classiccarchina.org/4c
    If you are interested in my proposal, I would be awaiting to receive from you soon.
    PS: Since our website is updating, download is not available, for more information (such as General Rules, FAQ and Registration form), please contact us by email…”.
    The contact is -> “CVUC – Classic Vehicle Union of China china.classiccar@hotmail.com

    Attached please find their event presentation.


  1. In the U.S., our Citroën enthusiasts are preparing for their annual event (www.citroenrendezvous.org ).

    David Cossitt-Levy (mailto:david.cossitt.levy@gmail.com) is member of the organizing team and has approached the ACI and “L’Aventure” to inform about the upcoming event.

    During June 16-19, 2016 their 40th meeting anniversary will take place in Saratoga Springs, New York.

    To quote from David’s email to us:

    “…I realize it’s a long trip but it would be wonderful if you could join us for a great weekend. This year marks the 40th anniversary of our rendezvous. Hopefully, we are around for another 40 years so if you can’t make it in 2016 then perhaps another year…”

    Stay informed by subscribing to their newsletter (bottom of their website).


It would be good when you could spread this information to your clubs and their members.

Thank you, take care

///Stephan Joest,
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