Dear ACI Delegates,

We do have some updates to share with you this month.

  1. Paris environmental zone

    as you know, the latest statement from the Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo is that from July 1st 2016 onwards, vehicles which are registered before Jan-1997 (and by that including also historic vehicles) may not enter the city (inside boulevard Péripherique) from 8:00h-20:00h CET during Monday to Friday. This effects all vehicles with emission class 1, light transporters registered before 1-Oct-1997, motorbikes before 1-Jun-2000. On weekends and from 20h-8h, the access is still granted. Between 2017 and 2020, vehicles with emission class 2,3 and 4 will be successively banned. This also will affect foreign vehicles from what we know.

    The ACI is connected via the national representation (branch) of FIVA, the FFVE. A meeting is planned to take place in June between FFVE and the city government. We will keep you updated.

    Some authoritative information:
    in detail:

    Further reports:

  1. ACI visibility beyond Europe – this time: Saratoga Springs meeting

    In our last newsletter, we informed about the upcoming event in the US, June 16-19 2016, see also
    Our ACI France Delegate Philippe Lasson will officially represent the ACI during this event. For those of you who also might attend the meeting, please help Philippe spread the word about our association – thank you!

  2. Henri-Jacques Citroën as guest of Citroën and ACI at Technoclassica 2016

    After our initial handshake during Retromobile 2016 at the ACI Booth, we were happy to that Henri-Jacques Citroën, grandson of company founder André Citroën, has confirmed his participation at world’s largest historic vehicle show, the Technoclassica 2016. Citroën Germany did not only sponsor the “VIP Shuttle” – a latest-generation Citroen C5 Tourer BlueHDi 180 Exclusive with Hydractive III – but also invited a number of journalists to an interview at the opening day.

    some links:

    We also were happy to connect M. Citroën to the ICCCR (see above picture, from left to right: Franz Graf Ortenburg, landlord of ICCCR 2016 and also Vice President Klassik of “Automobilclub von Deutschland (AvD)”, Henri-Jacques Citroën, Pieter Vogel (heading the ICCCR orga team), Stephan Joest (ACI), Xavier Crespin (L’Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS. Photo © Rene de Boer).

    Citroën has gladly agreed to visit the Citroën World Meeting 2016 – so please inform your clubs and their members about this outstanding opportunity to get connected to the Citroën family!

  3. L’Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS -> visit to Technoclassica

    Xavier Crespin spent two days visiting the TC and we took the opportunity to connect him to a number of key stakeholders at this event, including club representatives of the German Citroën and Panhard clubs.

    In the second part of his visit we connected him on B2B level to a number of industry representatives, and had arranged for meetings with eg. the Head of Audi Tradition (“the Conservatoire of Audi”), Head of Volkswagen Klassik, the Head of Genuine Parts Division at VW,  Jaguar Land Rover classic representatives, DuPont (ex-“Glasurit”, you remember the project on the Citroën color database, a multi-year activity in cooperation with the Conservatoire), Michelin Deutschland, Head of “Automobilwoche” and “Auto Bild Klassik”, Württembergische Versicherung (insurance), ADAC classic vehicle section (as part of the “Youngtimer” definition), Meilenwerk / Classic Remise (for a potential arrangement of historic vehicles and business, “museum-style”) as well as Motor World Germany (another museum & business concept, see and and and…

    We think this networking opportunity is one of the key assets the ACI can deliver and we are happy to share our engagement and value creation with l’Aventure.

    Also, please do not hesitate to invite L’Aventure (via Xavier Crespin) to your national engagements!

  4. Technoclassica 2016 -> ACI poster co-production with Citroën

    in cooperation with Citroën Deutschland, an ACI poster was produced in limited edition – download the electronic version here:

  5. ACI Board meeting 11-Apr-2016

    During a full-day Board meeting held in Dusseldorf on 11-Apr-2016, a number of topics have been identified and will be addressed in the next couple of weeks. This includes areas such as

  • Communications (eg. ACI visibility in the “new” L’Aventure sites, logo handling for commercial uses),
  • A closer cooperation with L’Aventure (amongst them activities in the area of Spare Part Management -> stay tuned via ACI Board member Manfred Buchgeher)
  • New upcoming ACI representations in South East Europe (Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Montenegro and Greece -> via our ACI Board member Dejan Orovic)
  • Website & additional comms. update (reflecting the new “Amicale Citroën & DS” decision)
  • Cooperation with L’Aventure, DS Automobiles, Automobiles Citroën in a multi-lateral approach
  • Additional strategy works
  1. Spare Parts reproduction via “L’Aventure”

    Please prepare with your clubs and members for the necessary reproductions. Our Board member Manfred Buchgeher currently has prepared for a template which is the basis upon which the demand can be aggregated in a structured way. Please stay tuned!

  1. Please inform about iCCCR – register your participation!

    The ICCCR team benefits a lot from your registration as a number of activities require early payment. Thus we kindly ask you to inform your clubs and their members about registration and inscription. Thank you!

  2. FIVA call for action on the preservation of the “digital heritage”

    You might remember from last year’s AGM the presentation about the challenge of aging of digital components. This now has become more aware on an international level.

    A few days ago, after an interview from ACI towards the FIVA press department, a newsletter was triggered towards a number of journalists on the preservation of digital components and the relevance of vehicle clubs, especially focusing on preserving expertise to interested car owners. This now has resulted in some press interest across many countries:

    …and same story again on (need to scroll down to our story)

    Please inform us about additional references so we can feed back this to FIVA.

    Thanks a lot!


Please spread this news to your clubs and their members – thanks a lot!

Best Regards from the ACI Board
///Stephan Joest.