Just a few days ago, the 16th International Citroën Car Clubs Rally / Citroën World Meeting 2016 took place in Middachten near Arnhem. This has been the third ICCCR held in the Netherlands, after Breda (1981) and Flevohof (1989). Many thousand visitors came together to celebrate the history and present of Citroën and DS vehicles and enjoyed a great weekend amongst friends and enthusiasts. The agenda of this “ACI Event Of The Year” was packed with many on-site activities for young and old, family and kids, journalists and media, tourists and other participants visiting the area.


Key Figures


The first published key figures are stunning – to mention a few:

>> ca. 11.000 paying visitors
>> max day visits: ca. 14.500 visitors, aggregated over all days almost 45.000 people (ca. 9.000 (Thu) + ca. 11.000 (Fri) + ca. 14.500 (Sat) + ca. 11.000 (Sun))
>> ca. 5.000 registered Citroën vehicles plus a large number of day visitors which did not register – yet all parking areas were packed
>> registered participants from 28 EU and 5 non-EU countries (Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A, Canada, Malaysia and others)
>> ca. 4.500 people were accommodated on campsite
>> ca. 120 professional traders on the campus
>> ca. 150 car boot sales (non-professional people selling own stuff next to their car),
>> ca. 50 marketplaces with focus especially for the ladies
>> ca. 250 volunteers from which ca. 50 were involved every week for more than a year
>> ca. 150 professionals for non-volunteering tasks (contractor, red cross, safety and security, traffic control, garbage etc.)
>> the “SOS Garage” (on-site repair shop for participating vehicles) fixed more than 90 vehicles
>> Zero accidents, zero fatalities, 10 people needed short-time treatment by red cross (small injuries etc.)
>> Event spread out on an area of ca. 60 hectars from which 35 hectars were used


Personal Reflections


We received a very positive feedback from the site’s landlord who is very much engaged into the historic vehicle movement – Franz Graf zu Ortenburg is President of the “Commission Historique Internationale (CHI)”, a function within the “Fédération International de l’Automobile (FIA)”, and Vice President for Classics at the “Automobilclub von Deutschland (AvD)”:

“…The ICCCR 2016 was a wonderful event, it was a great honor and indeed a pleasure for us to welcome so many interested visitors from all over the world at the home of my family at Middachten. My task of running and looking after this 800 year old estate and to maintain it as a cultural heritage is very similar to keeping a historic vehicle running and shining, in particular when it comes to a Citroën.
In modern times, when history tends to being forgotten the milestones and reflections of the past are as important to our society as are continuous development and technical innovations.
I got a feeling that I share this view and my enthusiasm with the large family of Citroën aficionados.
I was impressed by the sheer size of the event, the diversity of the spare parts offered and the wonderful cars on display.
Thank you to all who contributed to the success and in particular to all visitors who participated in this event…”



Also Pieter Vogel, Head of the ICCCR2016 organization, looks back with pride:

“…Organizing the ICCCR2016 was a gigantic task, a task we couldn’t have completed without the enormous effort of our volunteers, the clubs and so many others.
I really enjoyed the co-operation, the effort and last but most certainly not least the spontaneous friendships that arose during the preparation and at the event itself.
The whole thing was an incredible experience which I will look back on with great pride for many years to come!…”

Citroën Netherlands was represented in a large tent, displaying current models such as the Citroën C4 Cactus, C4 Picasso, SpaceTourer as well as the 2008 concept car GTyCitroën. For Anne Lobbes, press officer at Citroën Nederland, the event was a success:

“… Difficult to describe in a few words 4 days of meeting wonderful people with a positive attitude (despite the difficult weather conditions in the beginning!) ‎and discovering classic and new Citroëns. It was my first ICCCR and I just loved it! The ICCCR organisation did a really great job together with a huge group of volunteers and the Dutch Citroën clubs.
Let’s not forget the friendly Count of Middachten who allowed space for this event and the proactive Gemeente Rheden where it all took place. All played their part and it made in my opinion a beautiful and well fitted scenery for the rest of the world to discover. Dank jullie wel allemaal!- Thank you all!…”



Rene de Boer, media professional and journalist, history expert and collector on Citroën, reflects as follows:

“…After Flevohof in 1988 and Herning in 1992, this was the third ICCCR that I attended and of these three, it definitely was the best yet – by far. Not only because of its sheer size, but also because of the stylish environment that is Middachten castle and its surrounding park facilities. Interesting cars, but, even more important, great people from all over the world, all visibly enjoying the passion for the brand that we all share, irrespective of which specific model they are driving.
Looking back through the many photographs I have made immediately brings back so many nice memories… Here is to many more such events in the future. Or, as the Bugattistes usually say: vive la marque!…”

Also, a number of references have reported about this event, including a review by FIVA Vice President Legislation, Tiddo Bresters who followed our invitation and states:

“…This is the 4 yearly flagship event of the Amicale Citroen Internationale… This is an event that is unique in terms of scale and international participation… Remarkable of course that this all is organised by volunteers, but with remarkable organizational and logistical skill…”

Read more in his FIVA Event Report.



Stephan Joest, heading the global ACI organization:

“…Since 1987 I attended all ICCCR events. And since these days my admiration is for those who stand up from the crowd, who engage in a truly Olympic non-profit spirit, who spend hundreds and thousands of unpaid man hours over years to prepare, who take a large personal financial risk, who execute hands-on works, and who do all that to create an event platform for others to have fun and a great time for a few days. Even more: all these volunteers work with their back towards what they like the most – the big family of Citroën, DS (and Panhard!) lovers and their vehicles.


At second, you also can be proud to have set a landmark in the historic vehicle scene, looking across all brands. These Citroën World Meetings, “ACI Events Of The Year”, do scale to a level which is barely seen at other marques, and also they contribute to the preservation of the automotive heritage. It also supports our joint intention to keep the roads of tomorrow for the vehicles from yesterday…”

A final event report will follow, latest at the next ACI Annual General Meeting.



Photos and Impressions


Some photo albums at Flickr – to mention a few:

* https://www.flickr.com/photos/doubchev/albums/72157669753919173
* https://www.flickr.com/photos/citroenazu/albums/72157671581991121/
* https://www.flickr.com/photos/bloemendal-fotografie/albums/72157671486110082
* https://www.flickr.com/photos/ami6de/albums/72157669444625753
* https://www.flickr.com/photos/48535413@N06/albums/72157672485901815
* https://www.flickr.com/photos/klausnahr/albums/72157672716520386
* https://www.flickr.com/photos/actionphotoshoot/albums/72157671605104771

* http://www.citroenet.org.uk/phototheques/icccr/16thicccr/16-icccr-01.html

Feel free to post more reference in the comments below.

In this context, we kindly ask all ACI Delegates to contact their clubs and aggregate club and members’ feedback regarding their perception of this event, and report back to the ACI Board.

All findings will help the next organizers to prepare for their challenge!

And the next “ACI Event Of The Year (EOTY)” is ahead of us: 2CV World Meeting 2017 in Portugal, followed by Croatia in 2019 which is candidate for the EOTY 2019.

During the ICCCR, the successor event was unanimously elected by the ACI Delegates: the “17th ICCCR / Citroën World Meeting” will take place 2020 in Torun/Poland. Torun is already known – the team has successfully organized last year’s “ACI Event of The Year”, the “2CV World Meeting 2015“.

Last but not least, the ICCCR 2016 organization is saying thank you to all participants and active people with the video below – enjoy!