During the sixteenth Citroën World Meeting (“ICCCR”, International Citroën Car Clubs Rally) twelve international photographers took the most fantastic images of the best ever four day festival. Graphic designer Jim van der Put and writer Marc GF Zaan made a selection from the thousands of pictures made. This beautiful book brings us sixteen short stories woven into approximately 500 pictures. Not just another picture book full of cars, but a true document in four languages on a more than successful event.

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ICCCR2016 – The Sixteenth Citroën World Meeting

Author: Marc GF Zaan
Graphic design: Jim van der Put
Publisher: CitroExpert BV in close cooperation with the ICCCR2016 Foundation
Language: Dutch, English, German, French
Size: 21 x 16 cm oblong
Pages: 212
Edition: 1.000
ISBN: 978-90-807679-5-9
Price: Euro 15 incl. post and package (until January first, after that post and package at the going rate)
Available through e.g. the ICCCR2016 website.