Hello ACI Delegates,

as you know, the tradition is that during an ICCCR the decision will be taken to also present the candidates for the next following ICCCR and then do a voting / decision for the upcoming meeting.

We are happy to formally invite you to this meeting:

Decision about ICCCR 2020

Venue: Oranjerie, Middachten, ICCCR 2016 site (http://www.middachten.nl/tuin/oranjerie/)

Date:     Saturday, 13. August 2016

Time:    11:00-13:00h CET

So far, we have received an application from one candidate – the team from Torun (Poland) which had been successfully organizing the 2015 2CV World Meeting, had formally submitted their application during the ACI AGM 2016.

We also warmly welcome the Mayor of Torun as city and regional government representative to be joining this election.

Please note that we will take the opportunity to present some additional updates about latest proceedings on ACI side.

Best Regards from the ACI Board

///Stephan Joest.

PS: please find the proposed agenda / presentation here.