Dear ACI Delegates,

below please find the „Minutes of Meeting“ of the ACI Special  General Assembly (SGM/EGM) executed a few days ago.

Minutes of Meeting – ACI Special General Assembly (SGM/EGM) 2016

Date / Venue: 6-Feb-2016, Paris, 14-15h CET

Topic: Adaptation of Statutes to include “DS Automobiles” resp. their clubs and members into the ACI Statutes.

  1. Welcome of present ACI Delegates.
  1. Ability to vote on Statutes Changes.
    According to the ACI Statutes, at least 1/3 of the registered Delegates needed to be present or represented.
    Bernie Shaw confirmed that 16 ACI Delegates were present, another 8 were represented by their proxies. The decisions taken thus are valid.
  1. Presentation of reasons to propose the change of ACI Statutes.
    Stephan Joest presented the history of the DS vehicles within the Citroën range of models, the evolution of the new brand “DS Automobiles”, the PSA perspective towards the ACI, and the proposed new Statutes.
  1. Presentation of options:
    Adaptation of ACI Statutes to embrace DS (mainly: replace “Citroën” by “Citroën & DS”) with
    adapting the name of the Association towards “Amicale Citroën & DS Internationale” = Option (1)
    embracing DS, but keeping ACI without change in the title = Option (2)
    Also, a third option would be available = Option (3): not include DS at all, i.e. leave Statutes as is.
    1. ACI Belgium, Marc Roelandt -> question about response rate to the 2015 survey -> rather low return, 10 replies received.
    2. ACI Denmark, Jens M. Nicolaisen -> why is Panhard not included -> explanation given by Bernie Shaw about covering only currently available brands, accepted by Jens.
    3. ACI France, Ph. Lasson -> information that Amicale France has made the decision to include DS, too. Question about clarification of budget -> Stephan Joest informed that the annual ACI invoice can be addressed to “L’Aventure” after feedback from X. Crespin.
    4. ACI Switzerland, P. Keller -> will this have an impact on ACI communications -> confirmed: all brochures, website and other communications material would need to be adapted and would result in higher expenses in 2016.
    5. ACI Netherlands, P. Vogel / ACI UK, B. Shaw / ACI DE, St. Joest -> all 3 countries confirmed that the national club network regulations were adapted to also include DS clubs or already include DS (new).
    6. ACI Denmark, Jens M. Nicolaisen -> in DK there is no DS Community and there is more reasons to accept a Citroen C6 (new) club than any modern DS club that is the opposite of the original DS concept.
  1. First round of voting: decision for either Option (1), (2) or (3).
    Result: 11 votes for Option (1), 13 votes for Option (2), no votes for Option (3).

    Second round of voting: decide about Option (2).
    Result: 20 votes for Option (2), 4 votes not in favor of Option (2).

To change the ACI Statutes (and according to the Statutes), a 2/3 majority of votes must be obtained. This majority was reached.

 As a result, the Statutes will be adapted to include DS in the text and will be submitted to the Prefecture.

However, the Association will continue to be called “Amicale Citroën Internationale” resp. “ACI”, i.e. with no reference to DS in the Association’s name.

 End of Meeting at 14:43h CET.

ACI Delegates:


  1. Buchgeher (Austria)
  2. Roelandt,
  3. Serrus (Belgium)
  4. J.M. Nicolaisen (Denmark)
  5. Moret de Rocheprise,
  6. Lasson (France)
  7. Becker,
  8. Joest (Germany)
  9. Wilhelm (Italy)
  10. Vogel (The Netherlands)
  11. Nosewicz (Poland)
  12. Westin,
  13. Olsson (Sweden)
  14. H.P. Rubitschon,
  15. Keller (Switzerland)
  16. Shaw (United Kingdom)

represented by proxy:

  1. Prochazka (Austria) -> via M. Buchgeher
  2. Pallesen (Denmark) -> via J. M. Nicolaisen
  3. Lund (Norway) -> via J.M. Nicolaisen
  4. Lemme (Italy) -> via G. Wilhelm
  5. Klein Lankhorst (Netherlands) -> via P. Vogel
  6. Schubert (New Zealand) -> via S. Joest
  7. Marasek (Poland) -> via C. Nosewicz
  8. Saint (United Kingdom) -> via B. Shaw

—– end of protocol —–