We are happy to share with you that the national representative of FIVA in France, the FFVE, has negotiated an exception for historic vehicles to access the inner city of Paris.
The ACI has been in close dialogue with FFVE via the Director, Laurent Hériou, and also directly approached the Paris city government to advocate for an exception for historic vehicles.

But – this will not apply for all vehicles which are “old”!

In France, only vehicles which have a registration via “Carte Grise Collection (CGC)” are permitted to enter also Mo-Fr, 8-20h into the inner city (within the borders of the Péripherique).

For international visitors traveling with historic vehicles, the comparable national registration levels do apply, eg. in Germany “H-Plate” (type “xx-yy zz H”), in Belgium “O-Plates”, in Poland the Yellow historic vehicle plates etc. registered vehicles are also permitted to access the inner city of Paris.
That does mean though, that the same vehicle model, just registered with a different status, may enter – or not!

(NB: Please also note that during weekends, the vehicle access is granted anyways. So for those events which do happen typically on weekends, the restrictions may not be relevant.)

Attached please find the official communication by FFVE, released today: CP_FFVE_1er juillet 2016

Also you may want to note down another date:
on Sunday 25-Sep-2016 the inner city of Paris will stay vehicle-free (650km roads, 38 km2), info: