It is just a few more days until *the* Amicale Event Of The Year 2017 will open its doors in Ericeira/Portugal:

The 2CV World Meeting 2017 welcomes all 2CV lovers from around the globe!

Several thousand enthusiasts of the “duck” already have registered on the event website. The organizers expect an international audience from all over the world, including visitors from Australia and New Zealand.

An extensive program is in preparation for the upcoming days – the site is ready and awaits all visitors:

* A 2CV Cross demonstration
* A contest of 2CV disassembly and assembly
* The arrival of an international 2CV raid to Portugal
* “Concours d’Elegance” for 2CV and Derivatives
* A Group ride to Mafra, with exclusive parking site for 2CVs in front of the National Palace, which celebrates 300 years of existence in 2017, with the opportunity to enjoy a Chimes Still concert, unique in the world and with limited inscriptions for it
* A 2CV Museum, installed in Mafra’s National Palace, wich will feature vehicles from the rich history of Citroën production.

Visit the event – and check more details on the website:


Photos from 2015 World Meeting in Torun/Poland, picture (C) David and Pam Gerrie, ACI New Zealand: