The International 2CV Road Service Booklet APUA-HELP 2017 – 2018

Dear 2CV (DYANE, AMI, MEHARI…) friends all over the world!

Since 1975 the Finnish 2CV Guild has published the international 2CV Road Service Booklet APUA-HELP. It has become a world-wide list of 2CV friends and clubs – almost 1.000 helpers from 31 countries in the latest issue!

The people included should be willing to help and meet fellow 2CV friends in “true 2CV spirit”. The help is given on a volunteer basis. We hope also those needing help would always respect these basic principles!

Sign in now for Apua-Help 2017-2018!

You can sign in for Apua-Help booklet through this link.

Even if you have signed up to the earlier Apua-Help editions, you will have to do it again for 2017-2018 edition as your information wont be put on automatically.

The information given is only used on the Apua-Help booklet and will not be given to third parties.

Sign in by 31.1.2017!

The ACI would like to thank you for supporting this great initiative.