We are happy to share with you that in preparation for the “100 Years of Citroën”, the clubs and members in Portugal have started to investigate more about the brand’s history in their country.

In 2019, a series of events will be hosted and inform about e.g. the development plans of Citroën in Portugal, amongst them plans for offices and buildings of Citroën in the capital Lissabon/Lisboa and other places from the early years.

Pedro Ramos de Carvalho, Vice President of the Clube Citroen Classico de Portugal informed us that via their Facebook page – and via our ACI Delegate Rogério Soares – an exciting series of historic revelations will be presented over the upcoming year. They will give insights into the plans of the brand and also look into insights on documents coming from public and private archives.

We look very much forward to it – so stay tuned!

For all other countries – when you have historical information to share, please feel free and spread the word.

We would like to thank Pedro, Rogerio and all others who do this extensive research works, for informing us – and you!

PS: please note that the pictures, photos, drawings and other related content is subject to copyright and may only be used for non-commercial purpose (more info from Pedro/Rogerio).