We are happy to announce that we can warmly welcome another country to our global ACI network: Niger!

Citroën has a good reputation in this country, and especially the 2CV is one of the most loved cars in Niger. Believe it or not – according to the president of the club, Ismael Boubou Hama, the 2CV Club which is called “Les Chevrons du Sahel” is the ONLY car club in the country!

More than 50 club members and enthusiasts do celebrate the life with “La Deudeuche”. Ismael is now our ACI ambassador to Niger. Please welcome him in our organization and help spreading the word.

Ismael is now also listed on our Contact webpage.

The Facebook page of “Les Chevrons du Sahel” can be reached here.

Thank you.

Pictures from the 70 years of 2CV celebrations: