Join The FIVA Survey!

The global umbrella organization for all historic vehicles, the FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens), once again invites all classic car owners and drivers to make their contribution to a quantitative basis.

The national representative of the FIVA in Germany, the ADAC, also points out the necessity: “…This (survey) is enormously helpful for the work in the commissions and as an argumentation aid towards authorities, politics and legislation. The FIVA last conducted an international study in 2014 and therefore a renewal of the database is necessary and very important for a successful representation of interests…”.

On the part of the Amicale we support this campaign and therefore we ask everyone to participate in this survey and to point out the survey to fans, friends and enthusiasts in the clubs as well as club members and to invite them to participate.

Here is the link to participate – a multilingual selection is possible:

FIVA 2020 – 2021 Survey

Thanks in advance for your participation!