We are happy to inform you that in the “historical heart” of Automobiles Citroën, the Conservatoire at Aulnay-sous-Bois near Paris, a special exhibition about Citroën SM and Citroën GS has been opened:

50 years – Citroën SM

7 models are on display, including 3 production models in the colours of the French “tricolore” (blue-white-red), as well as:
– Citroën SM prototype “Haute Vitesse” (1973)
– Citroën SM Présidentielle convertible (1972)
– Citroën SM Rallye du Maroc (1971)
– Citroën SM Rallye du Bandama (1973)
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50 years – Citroën GS

8 different models are exhibited:
– Citroën GS Club 1015 (1971)
– Citroën GSpécial 1015 (1975)
– Citroën GS Birotor (1974 )
– Citroën GS X2 Art Car (1976)
– Citroën GSA X3 (1983)
– Citroën GS Break Club 1220 (1978)
– Citroën GSA Break Club (1984)
– Citroën GS Break Club 1220 “Afghanistan” (1976, Paris-Kaboul-Paris)
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As previously stated, the Conservatoire is open to visitors and has implemented all the rules of distance and hygiene with respect to COVID-19 pandemic.
You are requested to bring a sufficient mask, not to touch any vehicles and to strictly observe the “direction of walking”.
Further details – stongly advised to check prior to a visit:

The Conservatoire is open from Monday to Saturday (except on 15 August) from 9:30 to 17:30h local time.
Further information for visitors: