Below please find the official cancellation notice from the 2CV World Meeting 2021 for this year:

The organizing committee has officially cancelled the World Meeting of the Friends of the 2CV in 2021, which was to be held from 27 July to 1 August in the Delémont region in Switzerland. A postponement is under consideration.

It was after studying all the possible options and with a heavy heart that the decision was taken. The COVID-19 pandemic brings us to our knees. It’s not enough to take our foot off the accelerator, we have to brake hard.

The sanitary conditions do not allow us to organise this event as we would like to do, while respecting everybody’s health. We studied several alternatives, but none of them convinced us. We wish to keep the essence of the event intact, with its warmth, its sociality and its vibrancy. There also remains a great uncertainty as to whether all the friends of the 2cv from abroad would be able to visit us or whether they would be prevented by complications in crossing borders. The world meeting must be and remain a meeting for EVERYONE.

As it is, the risk is simply too great for an event on such a scale and it is now the last moment to cancel it.

The cancellation is final for 2021. A postponement has yet to be decided. Active discussions will be held with numerous partners over the next few weeks. Those who have registered will personally receive information as soon as the future has been clarified.

At this point we would like to express our thanks to all those who have supported us, from the partners in the region of Delémont and Jura Tourism to the ACI, as well as to all the other clubs, country representations and friends of the 2cv with whom we have had contact. Many thanks also to all the sponsors who believed in our project and support us. And last but not least, thanks to all the volunteers and pre-registrants as well as to all the members of the association «2CV Welttreffen Swiss» who have faithfully accompanied us so far and supported us by taking over the work and the annual membership fees. Last but not least, we‘ve taken our foot off the accelerator, but we still have petrol!

On behalf of the organising committee of the World Meeting of the Friends of the 2CV,

the President, Willi Brändli.

The link to the statement: 2CV World Meeting Homepage

The ACI has been informed a few days ago about the decision.

Our Board statement is as follows:

At all times, the Board of Amicale Citroën Internationale (ACI) underlines that the highest priority for participants attending e.g. the international “Event Of The Year” is their safety and health.

Thus, we support the organizer’s interest to prepare for an event at which international participants can attend safely. We thus respect and also support the decision taken by the 2CV World Meeting 2021 to postpone the event to a later stage, and also will continue to support the organizers in their preparation.

We will keep you updated.

The ACI Board.