During these days, the global pandemic is impacting our life and living in a magnitude which was not at all on the horizon when the first news spread. Also our hobby is affected – countless events have been either cancelled or postponed.

Nevertheless, in some areas a continuous spirit is driving projects forward, and so we are happy to share with you that the preparations for the most exciting road trip are on full speed ahead:

Terra America – the 21st century “Croisière Citroën”, intending to make us aware of the plight of 21 indigenous peoples and hear their messages to the world, is in it’s more detailed preparation phase. Two adventurers, Fanny Adam and Maéva Bardy, are taking the famous Pan-American Highway, from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, aboard an authentic 1950s Citroën Traction Avant – and are now inviting fellow Citroën club enthusiasts to support and join their unique adventure.

Via the national ACI Delegates, the coordination has begun. Whether it is about support on road details, local road assistance or even sharing a section of the trip, you can be taking an active role in supporting that trip!

Please contact your Delegate resp your Citroën club for more details, or read more details on the event website:

www.terramerica.fr/en (in english language), or www.terramerica.fr (en francais).

Additional information will be mirrored on the various “Traction Avant” club websites and communications channels around the globe, e.g. tractionavant.com, https://citroenvie.com/ and many others.

The Traction Avant is now selected and also on its way to a final preparation – and has this week visited also its “brothers and sisters” in the heritage center of Citroën, the “Conservatoire” in Aulnay-Sous-Bois: