The Great Citroën Centenary Book available in English!

Finally, the Official Citroën Centenary Book is available in English.

It is the first book to bring together such a wealth of information on the history of Citroën. Texts and illustrations, often unpublished, tell in detail, over three volumes, all the facets of the first century of Citroën. The fourth volume, devoted to the appendices, brings together reproductions of documents, images and drawings completing this century of automotive history from 1919 to 2019.

Photographs, documents, objects and often unpublished information accompany the text and illustrate the story of each year. Many of these nuggets come from the Terre Blanche Archives Center and the collections of the authors.

The main text tells Citroën over time. It immerses you in the present of the time, and shares with you the events, the work of engineers and the presentation of models, all of Citroën’s life.

In each chapter, boxed texts deal with important or unusual themes in order to bring them to light. A host of little stories at the heart of the big one!.


Four volumes of 296 pages each telling the whole story of Citroën from 1919 to 2019. The first three volumes are each devoted to an emblematic period in the history of the manufacturer.

Volume 1 : 1919 – 1934, André Citroën era
Volume 2 : 1935 – 1975, Michelin era
Volume 3 : 1976 – 2019, PSA era
Volume 4 : Appendices and additional documents for enhanced reading

Price of each volume (soft cover): € 59.00 (shipping not included)

some previews:

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

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