The International Citroën Car Clubs Rally (ICCCR) which was intended to be run this year in Toruń/Poland, will be postponed to 2024. Below please find the official press statement:

Dear Citroën Friends,

The Automobile Club of Toruń together with City Authorities are very sorry to inform you that the ICCCR has to be moved to the year 2024. The new term of ICCCR 2024 Poland will be 14-18. August 2024.

We’ve done our best to organise ICCCR 2022 and had promoted this event during international fairs and Citroen meetings in many countries. Unfortunately the war in Ukraine, unstable political situation, fast growing petrol prices, and still existing COVID forced us to take this difficult decision.

We hope that in two years we will meet together with You in better and stable circumstances.

Best Regards
Automobile Club of Toruń.

The heritage association of the manufacturer, L’Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS, adds:

Dear Citroën Friends,

L’Aventure Citroën would like to thank our polish friends for their efforts to put together such a project in these troubled times. The decision to postpone is reasonable and we are sorry that the team of organisers is not rewarded in return. We will be there in 2024 and supportive along with Amicale Citroën International.

All the best, wszystkie moje zyczenia sukcesu !

Xavier Crespin for L’Aventure Citroën.

Also, the ACI states:

Dear Citroën enthusiasts,

the decision to postpone the event by two years has been taken in close cooperation with the Amicale Citroën Internationale (ACI). We jointly have been discussing and evaluating various options and believe that the global network of Citroën clubs also supports the decision taken by the organizers. We are pleased that despite numerous challenges, the team nevertheless does not give up, and we will continue to support them in their engagement.

The ACI Board.